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Adjusting Video Clips

The Vetrolaser Is Demostrated On Video Clips 32 and 33.
Copy and paste each link in your browser to view an animal chiropractic video clip on YouTube. Or just click the link. Link number 32 demonstrates the Vetrolaser. More animal adjusting video clips will be added soon. If there is a particular adjustment you want to see, please let me know by emailing me at Here’s a good equine acupuncture web site. It has some interesting articles.

1. Equine extremity adjusting.
2. How to evaluate the poll (atlas vertebra of a horse.
3. Logan Basic ("Green Thumb) Move to relax the horse and treat colic.
4. Canine adjusting sequence using the C.A.T. (Chiropractic Adjusting Tool).
5. Equine Atlas/Poll "Nose" Move.
6. Equine Sacro-Iliac Joint adjustment.
7. Equine move to adjust the second neck bone (axis).
8. Canine Chiropractic Sacro-Iliac Adjustment.
9. Canine Chiropractic Shoulder Move.
10. Canine Chiropractic Mid Back Palpation.
11. Equine Chiropractic Dorsal Arch Move for the Poll/Atlas.
12. Equine Chiropractic Unassisted Pelvis Move.
14. Equine Atlas Toggle Recoil Move.
15. Equine Chiropractic Knee Move.
16. Equine Chiropractic Pre-Race Adjusting Sequence.
17. Equine Chiropractic Lumbar Move.
18. Equine Chiropractic Withers Move.
19. Canine Chiropractic C2 (Neck) Move.
20. Canine Chiropractic Panniculus Reflex.
21. Canine Chiropractic Elbow/Knee Move.
22. Canine Chiropractic High Shoulder/Scapula Move.
23. Equine Chiropractic Hip Socket Move.
24. Equine Chiropractic Rib Move.
25. Equine Chiropractic C2 Unassisted Move.
26. Equine Chiropractic Palpation Of Thoracic And Lumbar Spine.
27. Equine Chiropractic Gait Analysis.
28. Equine Chiropractic Low Atlas/Poll Move.
29. Equine Chirorpactic Assisted Jaw Move.
30. Equine Chiropractic Evaluation Of First Two Neck Vertebrae.
31. Equine Chiropractic Cranial Wing Move (Atlas/Poll).
34. Equine High Pelvis Test:
35. Equine Low Pelvis Move--Assisted:
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